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A Will is a legal document, which if drafted and executed correctly, divides your estate and distributes your assets, property, money, etc, after your death. A Will states who is to inherit from your estate and the named persons of your choosing, known as Executors, who are responsible for administering the estate. An Executor is personally liable for administering the estate correctly. The process of distributing the estate is known as probate. CoventGate Law want to make things as convenient and stress-free for you as possible and our services ensure you make proper provisions for this eventuality.


A Grant of Probate is a document sealed by the Court giving one or more people the legal authority to manage the estate of the deceased in order to appropriately distribute it to the beneficiaries.


CoventGate Law aim to be a leading legal law firm, in this field. Our experienced team specialise in a broad range of matters including probate, trusts and wills. We aim to offer a bespoke service to all our clients however complex their circumstances may be. Contact us today to set up an initial meeting, at our offices


The people who have the right to apply for a Grant of Probate are the Personal Representatives (PRs) of the estate. PRs are either the Executors named in the Will or the next of kin, following the Rules of Intestacy if there is no Will. There are different types of Grant depending both on the circumstances and who is dealing with the estate.

The administration of an estate can be a time consuming and complicated process. However, we are able to lessen the stress and inconvenience by guiding you through the process and dealing with all formal aspects of the administration of the estate, at a time when you and your family are coming to terms with your loss.


There are many reasons why you may prefer CoventGate Law to assist you in the administration of the estate. For example, executors are faced with many burdens and responsibilities and without professional legal help may be liable for any loss suffered by beneficiaries, creditors and HM Revenue & Customs. We can help you shoulder these burdens and reduce the stress and workload felt during the administration of an estate.

By instructing CoventGate Law to apply for probate on your behalf, you will receive the highest levels of legal expertise and client care. We are able to offer you a fully bespoke service, tailored to your specific requirements. We can carry out only part of the administration or all of it, depending on your circumstances and your budget.

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